Phylum for the garden

Green and flowering shrubs on half tall trunks are gaining in popularity. Whether as Beetschmuck or in individual position: The small trees not take up a lot of space and are very versatile.

Special care of standard trees

Attention: phylum are not as robust as plants with natural growth. The stem should not be exposed to the morning sun in winter, as partial excessive heating of the bark quickly lead to frost cracks. Since lateral branches absent as natural shading of the trunk, you should shade him with a reed mat or provided with a light-reflecting white protective coating. The special color is available in the garden retailers.

Also make sure that the plants are not exposed to wind, and back them in case of doubt with a bamboo pole, or a stake. When phylum that shrubby grow naturally, form the trunk occasionally new shoots. Tear off as early as possible this carefully by hand from. To remove with even the Astring and prevent the plant on again sprouting.

Pyrus salicifolia

The Pyrus salicifolia seems at first glance to quite exotic and is with its narrow gray leaves in an olive tree Increasingly popular also the Pyrus salicifolia (Pyrus salicifolia).

It fits with their gray-green foliage and the cascade overhanging crown very well in Mediterranean-style gardens. Her crown is but over the years three to four meters wide, you grant her so a correspondingly large space in the garden. The bushes are like the roses also finished in the final standard trees, use in this case, seedlings of wild wood pear (Pyrus communis) or the engagement leagues hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna).

Commercially are also plants with “real” root. For this, the young seedlings must be held upright with the help of bamboo sticks in the nursery. Their stems are then but not particularly straight and often show grain.

The mountain pine must be trimmed regularly in the crown area, so it is not too big and well branched Conifers Conifers pulling mostly zoom on its own tribe to phylum.

The mountain pine (Pinus mugo), for example to be entspitzt regularly so that the crown remains compact. In addition one breaks in April/May, the young soft drive candles simply by hand in the middle. Cypress family as juniper, cypress and arborvitae will be once or twice a year with the hedge trimmer cut into shape to keep them compact.